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Traffic Crew Request

Traffic Crew Request

The Traffic Crew is here to provide services as follows:

  • Repair or Replace Any Township Traffic Sign
  • Request New Traffic Sign of Specific Issue or Concern (Curb your Dog, Deaf Child, etc.)
  • Initial or Repainting of Driveway Lines
  • Traffic Safety Line Requests (walkway lines, “STOP” spelled out next to stop sign, etc.)
  • Initial or Repainting of Curb Corners for Non-Parking Areas

To request our Traffic Crew, call:
(201) 392 – 2128/ 2129/ 2071/ 2072

*** Handicap Parking - If you need any information pertaining to Handicap Parking, you may visit Jordi Diaz in Public Safety at Town Hall or call(201) 392 – 2031/2032/2034.