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Health Department

Mayor Nicholas J. Sacco
Health Department


The North Bergen Health Department's mission is to improve the quality of life for our 60,000 + residents by offering a wide array of services that target health prevention, health promotion, public health safety and code enforcement. Within the health department lies the office of Vital Statistics. Click here for Vital Statistics.

Public Health Services

The health department workforce regularly conducts inspections regarding residential public health nuisance complaints. Some of the most commonly placed complaints consist of heat, infestations of insects or rodents, overflowing garbage and/or debris surrounding property, illegal dumping, sewage backup, noise, excessive barking and domestic animal feces.

In addition, the department investigates food borne illness and outbreak related complaints pertaining to retail food establishments to ensure public safety and welfare to the residents of the community. The department conducts inspections for new and existing retail food establishments, public recreational pools, and institutions.

Animal Control

North Bergen is a pet friendly town that contracts with a licensed animal control rescue agency 24 hours a day/7 days a week. This agency operates a no kill shelter in close proximity to North Bergen and is also affiliated with other shelters in neighboring communities. Lost, sick, and stray animals always have immediate access to services. This agency also provides assistance with urban wildlife issues and animal cruelty.

Animal Licensing

To minimize the spread of rabies and ensure the safety of the population, the state of New Jersey mandates that all dogs have updated rabies vaccinations and be licensed yearly. Please click here to obtain the dog license application.


The township of North Bergen prides itself for hosting annual community events that seek to educate the residents regarding public health and awareness. Some of the many events include state sponsored free rabies vaccination clinics, blood drives, green fairs, and flu clinics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q:

    Illegal Dumping


    The property owner is responsible for removing garbage, litter, debris and feces on their property unless the owner knows who the violator is. The complainant has a right to face his accuser by issuing a summons and testifying in court that he/she observed the dumping.

  • Q:

    What to do if you find an injured or deceased animal in the street, sidewalk or on the road?


    Please contact the Health Department during working hours

  • Q:

    How to properly dispose syringes with household garbage?


    Step 1: Syringes must be clipped.

    Step 2: Insert clipped syringe(s) into a rigid container such as a soda bottle or detergent that contains original screw on cap. Please make sure the container's cap is firmly secured.

    Step 3: After making sure the cap is firmly secured, seal the lid with duct tape and place a warning label on the container stating: USED SYRINGES, DO NOT RECYCLE

    Step 4: Dispose with household garbage and not in a recycling bin.

    To view further information of safe syringe disposal please visit for Safe Disposal Information.

  • Q:

    What areas are prohibited for smoking?


    As per the NJ Smoke Free Air Act, smoking is prohibited in common shared areas such as stairwells, elevators, and hallways. People are allowed to smoke in the privacy of their homes. For more detailed information visit Global Advisors on Smokefree Policy (NJ GASP)

  • Q:

    How does mold develop?


    Excessive moisture is a key contributor that causes mold to grow. Sources of excess moisture may be from plumbing leaks, leaking roofs or windows, high humidity, flooding or condensation inside walls due to poor insulation. For further information about mold visit the EPA website.

  • Q:

    What are the regulations on heat?


    Under the North Bergen ordinance, property owners are responsible for turning on their boilers and providing heat to their tenants as of October 1st. During the day and night, the temperature within a tenant's home should read 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Q:

    What to do about excessive barking all day and night?


    The township noise ordinance indicates that excessive noise (such as barking) is not permitted between the hours of 10pm and 6am. Unfortunately, the ordinance does not restrict noise during daytime hours. However, we normally achieve compliance in matters like these by sending warning notices. If you witness excessive barking often we can provide you with guidance in signing a summons against the violator.

  • Q:

    How does one remove urban wildlife (groundhogs, raccoons, skunks, etc.) from the home?


    The township contracts with an animal control officer for public property animal nuisances. We can refer you to him for assistance with removal of any wildlife animal issues, however, there will be a fee for services performed on private property. Please contact our animal control officer Geoffrey Santini for additional details at 201-822-7333.

  • Q:

    Does the health department investigate dog waste complaints?


    If you know the violator's name and address the health department is able to enforce the dog waste complaint. If you would like to install a curb your dog sign in your home please contact the Department of Public Works. If the violator continues to leave dog waste on property please call us so that we provide you with guidance in signing a summons.



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