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UEZ - General Info.

Urban Enterprize Zone

Users (zones or businesses) can go to the Department of Community Affairs, UEZ Website Forms & Information page for step-by-step instructions to register for Premier Business Services and start using the online Business Certification System.

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The Township has been granted Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ) status which enables businesses within the Urban Enterprise Zone to charge one-half (3.5%) of the State sales tax that they previously were required to charge customers. The UEZ designation is expected to help spur economic development. Since the July 1, 1997 implementation date, the State has accumulated over $7.0 million in reserves which is required to be used by the Township for improvements in the zone with the approval of the UEZ Board.

Some of the projects that have been funded with UEZ dollars include:

  • West Side Avenue Sewer Improvements
  • Bergenline Avenue / Broadway Streetscapes
  • Tonnelle Avenue Redevelopment Zone
  • 83rd Street Flooding Improvements


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