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Tax Assessor

Commissioner Julio A. Marenco
Tax Collection

Welcome to the Township of North Bergen's Tax Assessor's office, we are available to the public on a daily schedule. Tax Assessing is governed by Statutes thru the State of New Jersey division of taxation. They have the authority over "Certified Tax Assessor's" and their certificates. Assessors have the responsibility of maintaining fair assessment's to taxpayers and equitable assessments for the municipality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q:

    What is an assessment?


    An assessment relates to the "implied market value" of real property and their rights whether residential or commercial and is done only by the assessor.

  • Q:

    How is property assessed?


    It is derived thru cost construction approaches or the capitalization of income.
    (e.g. Size and quality of construction, size of land, calculation of income, sales analysis)

  • Q:

    How do assessments equate to tax amounts?


    Your assessment is multiplied by the tax rate which is calculated annually by the municipality.
    (e.g. Assessment X Rate = Taxes. Please note tax rates, taxes bills and tax amounts are obtained only from the "Tax Collector.")


Our office will assist in the filing of deduction and exemption forms with valid information.


  • Senior Citizen - $250.00 deduction
  • Veteran - $250.00 deduction
  • Widow of veteran - $250.00 deduction
  • Widow of senior - $250.00 deduction
  • Disabled person - $250.00 deduction


  • Totally disabled veteran
  • Church and charitable organization

To View Property Tax Assessments

  1. Go to (New Jersey Association of County Tax Boards).
  2. Left click on Records Search.
  3. Under Tax Records Search, select Hudson County and North Bergen.
  4. Under Search Criteria, type in either property location, owner's name or block & lot identifiers.
  5. To process, click on Submit Search.

Tax Assessor Forms


Visit The North Bergen Help Desk

Tax Assessor:

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Tel: 201-392-2022
Tel: 201-392-2023

4233 Kennedy Boulevard
North Bergen, NJ 07047

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 9am-4pm

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