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Bureau of Housing Inspectors

Commissioner Julio A. Marenco
Bureau of Housing Inspectors

This department inspects all multiple dwellings every five years for the State of NJ. It also handles any complaints by a tenant of a multiple dwelling that has not been resolved by the landlord.


  • Inspection of all multiple dwellings every five years for the State of NJ
  • Performace of re-inspections on any multiple dwellings where violations were found
  • Handling of any complaints that tenants of multiple dwellings have been unable to have solved by the landlord

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q:

    What is considered a multiple dwelling?


    A multiple dwelling is any building which has three or more dwelling units.

  • Q:

    What type of violations should a tenant report?


    Any violation that a landlord has not addressed such as leaking faucet, broken tiles, no smoke detector, etc.

  • Q:

    Where do I report these complaints?


    Call the Bureau of Housing Inspectors at: 201.392.2008

  • Q:

    When my building is posted for a state inspection and I can not be home what should I do?


    If you are unable to be home for a scheduled inspection you should call the Bureau of Housing Inspectors to set up a more convenient appointment. The telephone number is: 201.392.2008



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Chief Housing Inspector:
John Belluardo

Housing Inspectors:
John Longo
Richard Salamon III
Juan Quintero
David Prina

Tel: 201.392.2008

North Bergen Town Hall
4233 Kennedy Boulevard
North Bergen, NJ

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 9am-4pm

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