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Code Enforcement/Building Department

CommissionerFrank Garguilo
Code Enforcement / Building Department

We inspect and enforce New Jersey building codes and North Bergen zoning ordinance. We inspect and issue commercial and residential certificates of occupancy. We do engineering and architectural plan review. We investigate potential illegal occupancy and provide necessary enforcement.


  • Process and issue construction permits
  • UCC violation and property maintenance
  • Issue residential and commercial certificates
  • Illegal apartment complaints
  • Zoning

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q:

    Do I need a permit?


    A permit is needed for most work. If unsure just call the office at 201.392.2051 and one of the code officials will assist you.

  • Q:

    What forms do I need and where do I get them and is a survey and/or plan needed?


    Standard UCC forms are required. They are available online or from the Municipal Building Department. Survey and architectural plan may be required for certain work.

  • Q:

    How do I arrange for inspection?


    You can call the office at 201.392.2051 with the proper permit number and one of the secretaries will schedule your inspection.

  • Q:

    How long for a permit approval?


    State mandate 21 business days.

  • Q:

    What building codes are enforced?


    Uniform Construction New Jersey edition
    International Residential Code-2015
    International Building Code-2015
    National Standard Plumbing Code-2015
    International Fuel Gas Code-2015
    International Mechanical Code-2015
    ICC/ANSI Accessibility-2009
    National Electrical Code-2014
    International Fire Code New Jersey Edition-2009
    International Property Maintenance Code-2009



Visit The North Bergen Help Desk

Construction Official:
Gary Ippolito

Tel: 201-392-2051
Fax: 201.864.0208
Illegal Apartments (Tel): 201.392.0308

4233 Kennedy Boulevard
North Bergen, NJ 07047

Hours of Operation:
Monday–Friday 9am-4pm

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